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Glam Booth!

Glamour Booth – Kardashian Style Photo Booth

The Kardashians and Justin Bieber inspired Glamour Booths. Our proprietary software applies an instant airbrush effect, smoothening skin and removing blemishes giving everyone a near flawless appearance. Everyone will walk away amazed by how great they look.

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ONLY EXTREME Photo Booths Brings A True Hollywood Experience!

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Photo Booth Experience

Your guests have a true photo booth experience. The booth will take 4 pictures with a high-definition DSLR camera. Of Course, we bring the special backdrop & Professional grade studio lighting.

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Proprietary Software

Our Exclusive and Proprietary Software transforms your photos.

Our software take your color photos and turns them into a black & white masterpiece. The software softens the skin to reduce blemishes and wrinkles.
Every one looks better.

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Many Choices

Your guests will choose from 4 b&w photos and a gif. We will happily print postcard sized prints for your guests and share the gif via text. How cool!

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Your guests will also have the opportunity to share the pics and gifs. They can text or email instantly to themselves or their friends. Once on their phone, the world is at their fingertips: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.


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Great for Parties

We can cater to all types of events and event sizes, from birthdays, showers, school dances, house parties and holiday events,. The Glam Booth and Philly Photo Booths will make your event fun and memorable!!! Your guests will be sharing their cool and unique videos all over social media.  

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Great for Corporate Events

Your next business event will be a hit with our Glam Booth.. Our Glam booth will generate effective engagement and real-time marketing from your event. Your guests will have a memorable and interactive experience. Branding is easily accomplished in many different ways with the Glam Booth. Social Media engagement is very high with the high b&w photos that are created by the booth.

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Great for Weddings

Our Glam booth will entertain your wedding guests. Your guests, can watch and join in on all the fun. A professional photographer would never get a chance to take such great and fun photos with fabulous effects! We will help create interactive memories that everyone will remember of your special day. .

A True Hollywood Experience!

We utilize Four Techniques to Ensure Your Guests Get a True Hollywood Experience:
1. Guests participate in and enjoy a 4 pic photo booth experience
2. Our Software creates 4 stunning color photos or 4 exquisite B&W photos, and a moving gif.
3. The guests pic which photo they would like printed instantly onsite.
4. Printouts are pro-quality, Postcard-sized prints, with one picture per postcard.
5. The guests then select which photos and gif they would like texted to their phones.

The Glamour Booth: A Journey Through Time and Glamour

Step into the enchanting world of the Glamour Booth, where history and elegance collide. Originating from a bygone era of Hollywood glamour, the Glamour Booth has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. It began as a unique form of vintage photography, capturing the essence of an age marked by sophistication and style. Over the decades, the Glamour Booth evolved, adapting to changing tastes and technologies, yet always preserving its timeless charm.

Today, the Glamour Booth stands as a symbol of nostalgia and luxury, offering a modern twist on a classic concept. Whether at weddings, gala events, or corporate parties, the Glamour Booth continues to serve as a vessel for creating striking, high-quality photographs that exude elegance. As you explore the world of the Glamour Booth on this webpage, you’ll uncover its captivating history and discover how it can elevate your special moments, adding a touch of glamour that transcends time.

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