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Q: Do we sub-contract out to other Photo Booth Companies?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! NEVER EVER! With Philly Photo Booths, your technician will most like be one of the owners or family of the company. Other Companies use us for sub-contracting, we are so good!


Q: Do you provide booths for outdoor events?

A: Absolutely not. Not only Temperature affects our equipment, but sunlight, humidity and wind are factors on our equipment as well as your guests.

Q: What does the Photo Booth look like?

A: Our Photo Booths are professionally made and are very elegant looking. Photos are available by clicking here. Many photo booth companies do not even show their booths....Beware.

Q: Is the Photo Booth made of metal poles and fabric?

A: Depends on which booth:

The wedding Booth: ABSOLUTELY NOT, our booth is a solid wood and custom-made.

The Classic Booth ABSOLUTELY NOT, our booth is metal construction

The Majestic Booth is a frame booth with fabric.

Q: Does the photo booth have a monitor so waiting guests can partake in the FUN?

A: Yes! The Wedding Booth has a 21′ external monitor.

Q: Does the photo booth print out pictures on the spot like the ones at the mall?

A: Yes! But with much higher quality & speed. Pictures are printed on professional photo paper in seconds.

Q: How many people can fit into the booth at once?

A: At the moment, the record is 11 in the Wedding Booth!. 13 in the Majestic Booth and 20 in the Open Air Booth!

Q: What if I want more than one copy of the same image?

A: Not a problem. We will print UNLIMITED pics at the event. Plus, with a Philly Photo Booth you will receive a digital copies of the photo strips. Unlike other photo booths where there is only one original, pictures can be printed again and again from the digital copies. No more fighting over prints!

Q: My event is on the third floor of a building…do you have a photo booth that will fit in a passenger elevator?

A: Yes! As long as the door is at least 32″ wide.

Q: Is the photo booth easy to use?

A: The photo booth is VERY easy to use. Just press the touch-screen monitor, and your pictures are taken and displayed within seconds. Prints are available outside of the booth.

Q: Will there be someone at the event to maintain the photo booth?

A: Yes. A technician will accompany the booth to your event. They will monitor the booth constantly to insure it’s running properly.

Q: Do we need any special kind of hookup or facilities, to set up the booth on-site?

A: A normal AC power source is great.

Q: I live outside your regularly serviced area. Can we rent a photo booth from Philly Photo Booths?

A: If you live within 30 miles, we will be there free of charge. Outside of this, transportation fees may apply.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: Yes, we operate as INXS, Inc. a Delaware Corporation.

Q: Will you publish our photos anywhere else?

A: No,only with your permission except for a select few for advertising and marketing purposes.

Q: My event is over a year away, do I need to reserve the photo booth now?

A: You certainly don’t have to. However, reservations inside a year fill up rapidly. We do not reserve dates without a minimum 50% non refundable fee. We will accommodate a change of date if we have availability.

Q: Do you provide props?

A: Yes, we brings many different colored hats, boas, inflatable toys, etc.

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